Passion Powder Pact No.21 & No.13

Improve skin tone - Light-weight - Long lasting

Main ingredients:Titanium Oxide, Dimethicone, Salicate Mineral, Titanium Oxide

Kanacos Powder Pact is especially designed for flawless, long lasting and radiant skin. It even lets the skin breath easily thanks to its light-weight particles, and it combines perfectly with BB cream or foundation, giving your skin a natural beauty.

-  Before make-up, clean, tone and moisturize the skin to improve the hydration as well as a skin shield from make-up.
-  Thoroughly clean your skin with make-up remover to keep your skin healthy.

Make-up tips:
-  For a flawless make-up, use a damp puff with powder
-  For a thin natural looking, apply the powder over the entire face with brush
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