Passion Lip Tint

Modern - Long lasting - Safe

Main ingredients:Macadamia Seed Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Avocado Oil, Apricot

A long-lasting Kanacos Passion Lip Tint with vivid color for attractive modern women. Advanced formula, using natural ingredients, makes this lipstick soft, smooth and easy to use.
  1. Rose pink
  2. Cherry red
  3. Strawberry pink
  4. Truly red
  5. Lady orange

Son Kanacos

-  Carefully clean your lips with lips make-up remover.
-  Moisturize the lips every night to have a soft, smooth and easy make-up for the next morning as a result.
son Kanacos

Make-up tips:
-  For the best result, should apply the lipstick with brush
-  For long-lasting, durable effect, multi-layered lipstick should be applied instead a thick layer. After the first thin layer, use tissue to absorb the lipstick before the next layer.

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