Passion Blusher

Youthful - Long lasting - Comfortable

Main ingredients:Vaseline, Dimethicone, Squalan

Bringing a natural rosy, youthful, and radiant skin. With outstanding formula, the blusher spread smoothly on the skin for a long lasting effect. Easy to associate, adjust for creating natural but modern, and attractive make-up style are the advantages.
  1. Cherry Blossom
  2. Orange Delight

-  Make-up artists recommend choosing make-up brush made from horse hair or goat hair due to softness that does not cause skin damage.
-  After make-up, carefully clean the skin with make-up remover to keep your skin healthy.

Make-up tips:
-  Choosing the right color: for the bright complexion, Cherry Blossom is the recommendation; vice versa, for the tan skin, Orange Delight is the ideal one.
-  Begin your blusher from the highest point on your cheek. In order to identify this point, look at your face on the mirror and smile.
-  Before applying, lightly tap the brush, the brusher spreads smoothly and makes a thin layer on your skin, as well as easy to adjust as desire.
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