Kanacos Artist Mascara

Kanacos Artist Mascara 3 in 1 makes your eyelashes curved, long and thick

Kanacos Artist Mascara 3 in 1 makes your eyelashes curved, long and thick. So, your eyes will be looked bigger and more attractive.

Useful tips:
· To clean the mascara, using a make-up remover for the eyes and lips is the best.
· If you curl eyelashes before using mascara, you will have longer lashes, more gorgeous and more impressive. Gently bend from bottom to top, using the bending clip held for a few seconds and gradually bending up to the top of the lashes, and slowly open your eyes.

mascara kanacos

In addition, Kanacos Mascara has been approved by the Director of the Cosmetics Regulatory Bureau and issued cosmetic publication no. 41305/17 / CBMP-QLD to certify that “The product has been verified for its origin and safety for users”.
mascara Kanacos

Make-up tips:
· To keep your eyelashes with mascara layer maintain longer after hours, simply brush your eyelashes with a little of face powder before covering mascara.
·  Normally, many people often brush eyelashes by mascara in a straight line from the bottom to top. However, the proper way is to take zig zag line under the base of eyelashes to create enlarged eyelash extension.
   After that, while broaching up to the middle of the eyelashes, blink eyes to to let whole of the remaining lashes over the tip of the brush and covered with a layer of mascara. If you want to create thicker lashes, brush in the zig zag way at the canthus, and then slowly move to the corner of the eyes. Then re-brush in zig zag way again from the corner of the eyes to the canthus to lengthen the lashes, eventually holding the brush to the vertical to lengthen the tip of the lashes spread out. When the mascara layer is dry, do all the steps again to cover the second layer leading to a professional look like famous stars.

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