Kanacos Artist Eyebrow Pencil

The great eyebrows Pencil with sharp lines


The great eyebrows Pencil with sharp lines, clear colors, soft and long maintaining bring an impressive look but still very natural for your face.

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           Beautiful eyes always take much attraction
·To clean the pencil, using an lips and eyes make-up remover is the best.
·Before drawing eyebrows, trim the eyebrows to make it easy to draw as well as owning beautiful eyebrows as you like

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In addition, Kanacos Artist Eyebrows Pencil has been approved by the Director of the Cosmetics Regulatory Bureau and issued cosmetic publication no. 43470/17/CBMP-QLD to certify that “The product has been verified for its origin and safety for users”.
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     Kanacos Artist Eyebrows Pencil Publication 

Make-up tips:
  • To have beautiful and natural eyebrows, first determine your eyebrows shape. Then use a straight object to measure three straight lines:
  • A line from the nose, straight to the forehead, crossing the corner of the eye, identifying the first point of the eyebrow.
  • A line from the nose, slanting towards the eyebrow bone, crossing the iris, identifying the midpoint of the eyebrow.
  • A line from the nose to the diaphragm, crossing the canthus, defining the end of the eyebrow.
  • Combine all the points together and draw in the missing spots.
  • Use light brush to brush for neat and colored eyebrow
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